Motivate 2 Gradu8 (M2G) is a non-profit organization founded by Corie Blount, former NBA basketball player. Corie played eleven years in the NBA on 7 different NBA teams. He is well known for playing 8 years with the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Corie, having grown up in an urban outskirts of Los Angeles, in Monrovia, California, takes great pride in the opportunity given by high school coach Mel Sims and motivation from his great-grandmother Beatrice Kelley, to attain an education. Corie was the first in his family to graduate with an Associates of Arts Degree in education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Public Relations from the University of Cincinnati.

Corie’s desire is to help others achieve their educational goals. His passion is in helping others to achieve academic success and to encourage them to graduate from a school. His goal is to expand the individual’s knowledge, whether through college or a technical vocational environment. This vision is being fulfilled through The M2G Organization.

Many children and youth have lost their interest and desire to gain an education, and fail to realize the value of an education or the pride of fulfilling a dream. Having reached the ultimate dream for many young people, Corie learned the true value of his experience was in the attainment of an education.  He takes pride in his education and the ability to give back. Corie encourages youth to complete their education, no matter what their dream may be. The pride of achieving a goal is great, however, the pride in achieving a goal that has respectability on every level gives the individual a greater sense of pride. M2G was founded to inspire youth to achieve the goal of completing their education.

One of the future goals for M2G is to be a nationally known nonprofit, aiding all individuals to obtain their educational dreams.



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