Our Programs

Our Programs

Bereavement Support

We offer bereavement support for children and youth. Children, youth, and caregivers are evaluated to determine the level of support needed. They are then referred to support organizations or placed into appropriate support programs that best engage their needs and interests. Our goal is to ensure that youth are emotionally stable enough to focus on completing their task and reaching their goals.

Scholarships for Education

Although our focus is on children and youth, we recognize that in order to stabilize a young person, it is also necessary to stabilize the entire family. For this reason, our scholarship support may extend to caregivers impacted by the loss of a spouse or other primary giver. The foundation will periodically offer individual scholarships geared toward specific needs of families, to stabilize them after traumatic loss. Scholarships may support students at any level of education for needs such as school supplies, tuition, school clothes, or resources needed to simply to stabilize a family after the loss. Our support may also cover college scholarships or supplemental funds for beginning or returning adult students who need to improve their education or credentials to better support their families after the loss of a caregiver.


When tragedies occur, families are often thrown into disequilibrium. We offer services to help families to remain intact, as much as possible.

Success Summits

Quarterly conferences are held that provide motivational speakers to young adults to encourage them through traumatic events and circumstances. Families and youth need to know that obstacles can be overcome and that success is a possibility. Our desire is to build relationships with youth and the business community to provide youth with opportunities to work in a business environment to aid in developing their leadership skills and their level of maturity.

Athletic Camps

Athletic camps are one of the ways that we engage children and youth. We provide two basketball skills camps per year for young people. Our objective is to get face time with young people to motivate them for success. Sports are an excellent way to build resiliency skills in children and to encourage them to reach goals.